A Better Way to Think Data

Data Technology Engineers

Let us help evolve the way your business thinks of data.

Data Alignment

Power Boost Business

Zone4 was founded on the principle of 4 wheel alignment across business, data, process, and technology to BOOST business efficiency. Align quickly and adopt iterative data delivery cycles.

Tactical Data
Solutions & Services

 Dude, Where’s my Data?

Let us help you Navigate oceans of data solutions.  Cloud Data Platforms, Big Data, Business Intelligence, Data Science, Agile Data Management, Data Lakes, Data Streaming, IoT.  From data collection to consumption.  End to End ecosystem.  Collect Data, Wash, Rinse, Consume, Repeat.

Data Science

We Dig Data…Data “where?” House

Talk to us and Find out how to Think about data science differently.  Dig into it.  Data Science that utilizes advanced techniques to develop simulation, predictive, and prescriptive machine learning algorithms.  Build an ecosystem for managed metrics and analytics that can be trusted.  Reduce Data Wrangler Havoc and Increase Data Science Effectiveness.

Zone4 Technologies

A Better Way to Enable Analytics

We listen, adapt, and quickly align tactical data strategies

Data-centric vs. Tool-centric
Business Problem-solving vs. Perfect
Iterative Action vs. All or nothing
Quickstarts vs. Freeze
Solutions vs. Roadblocks

A Data Platform-based approach

Enabling data management capabilities that fit your business needs by Leveraging the right mix of big data platform technology, SaaS, PaaS, and on-premise.

  • Tactical Data Blueprint
  • Immutable Architectures
  • Cloud based Data Science
  • Big Data Ingestion, Streaming, IoT
  • Data Reference Architecture
  • Cloud Data Strategy Alignment with Enterprise Cloud, Multi-Cloud


Zone4 provides IT Consulting services in the area of big data platforms, data science, data governance, data warehousing, data lakes, content management/search, business intelligence, and data architecture. Founded in 2001, the company has a history and reputation for providing excellent skill sets, focus, and expertise in technologies such as Hadoop, Talend, Nifi, Oozie, Spark, Informatica, Elasticsearch, MongoDB, Vertica, Azure SQL Data Warehouse, and In-Memory databases… and many business intelligence platforms such as Tableau and PowerBI.

The industry for Data Lakes, Business Intelligence, Collaboration, and Search solutions is a rapidly growing need for companies of all sizes and the availability of technologies is overwhelming for organizations. We pride ourselves in being very competitive and focused on the right fit of solutions in regards to the total cost of ownership, business needs, scalability, and return on investment for the company.

Does your business effectively interconnect data, applications, business process, and corporate strategies? The alignment of these 4 are critical to business optimization, data quality, and enterprise alignment.

Data Delivery, Reporting, Visualization

  • Business Intelligence, Dashboards
  • Query & Reporting, Analytics OLAP
  • Semantic Tier
  • Web Reporting
  • Federated Search
  • Exception/Alerts
  • XML/Web Services
  • KPIs, Metrics, Balanced Scorecards

Data Management

  • Big Data Ingestion
  • Data Warehousing
  • Dimensional Modelling
  • Data Arch/Training
  • Metadata Management
  • Data Migration/Cleaning
  • Data Profiling T00ls
  • Streaming Data / IoT

Data Science

  • Data Science Models & Management
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Machine Learning
  • Big Data Processing
  • Data Mining Workflow
  • Data Science API
  • Platform Management
  • Data Science Lifecycle Management

Data Integration

  • Enterprise Data Staging
  • Data Virtualization
  • Messaging / ESB
  • Replication
  • Business Rules & Mapping
  • Workflow Management
  • ETL/ELT Tools Selection
  • Virtual Data Stores