Big Data Platform

Big Data Platform

Cloud Data Platforms

Leverage our expertise applying big data platform capabilities and technologies to enable relevant design patterns that provide you the highest level of fiscal responsibility in your technology spend on data and business intelligence.

Experience with cloud platforms AWS, Google, Azure with Hadoop, Spark, Arrow, BigQuery, Azure SQL Data Warehouse, Redshift, and Druid.

Data Lake Ingestion

Deploy ingestion design patterns that satisfy requirements to ingest data from many sources such as tabular operational data, streaming data, IoT devices.  Ingest data quickly, process, and make it available for business consumption.

Query & Data Delivery

Direct Access Layer

Directly access back-end data stores such as Hive, Hbase with business intelligence solutions such as Tableau, PowerBI, or Pixel-Perfect Reporting.

Semantic Data Layer

Development of data access models, business data definitions, and data access layers that provide back-end mappings to physical data environment while hiding the complexity of the back-end structures.