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MarTech >Market Intelligence

MarTech Next Gen

Our journey in Marketing Technology started over 30 years ago in the direct marketing technology and data processing business. Now, modern marketing methods happen instantaneously with interactions online locally, regionally, and globally simultaneously. These methods require next gen technology platforms and advanced data integration and multi-faceted interfaces to 3rd parties, channel partners, vendors, suppliers, data providers, ERP systems, 3PL, POS, SaaS solutions, and customer devices. Zone4 helps you modernize, develop, deploy, and operate your MarTech strategy with a focus on Market Intelligence data and application integration technology strategies. That simply means we can collaborate with you to deploy digital asset management, customer experience, customer data platforms, salesforce interfaces, product information management, web analytics, tagging/taxonomies, traffic analysis/clickstream, and real-time data interfaces to support your ecommerce. As business evolves, technology must evolve with it so our expertise in AI/ML technologies will further refine how your interact with your customers to increase retention, segment more accurately, cross-sell across your product categories, upsell, retain, and understand your customer relationships and profitability over the long haul.

Customer Analytics

The connected customer of today is engaging online with products and services at a much faster pace.  Technology is enabling smarter purchasing, clickstream analysis, and real-time recommendations.  This technology collects and integrates a huge amount of data.  Businesses are under scrutiny to manage customer data in a secure manner that respects personal privacy.  Aggregate analysis of customers can be enabled through continuous segmentation models, buying patterns, and data enrichment.  Behind the scenes, data engineers work with price elasticity and demand models to competitively respond to market changes and supply-demand decisions.

Competitive Intelligence

View insights of market indicators and track direct competitive activity in your industry and those industries that indirectly influence your market. Receive intelligent market insights proactively through the use of current trending analytics and machine learning models that can assist decision making. Assemble purchasing patterns, 3rd party data, and other activity into an integrated view of the market across all channels and product segments.