Oil & Gas

Build integrated data pipelines and machine learning strategies for optimized upstream O&G data models and big data integration to support rapid data ingestion of well, wellbore, production, directional surveys, completions, stimulation data, frac, perfs, and 3rd party data integration. Operators, service providers, E&P all need access to data tactics and techniques in data management that help support drilling operations, exploration activities,decline curve analysis, cum prod, well spacing, activity analysis, and competitive intelligence.

Wholesale & Retail Energy

Data Controls can help energy Wholesalers and Retailers gain real-time access to critical information that supports optimal pricing, trading, supply purchasing, scheduling, and delivery. Continuously analyze enrollment and billing processes in near real-time and adapt them to support the changing needs of customers. Evaluate data across marketing and work management systems used for contract management, credit, accounting, billing, service-orders, and overall profitability management. Plan, forecast and schedule workload to ensure efficient operations. Integrate applications for customer care, contract management, and billing. Exchange data with your supply chain (contracted sales, QSE, LSE, ISO, etc.) to optimize your performance both operationally and financially.

Green Energy

Utilize energy data across industries for research and development in green energy, clean energy, and improvements in energy efficiency. Collaborate and securely share data with 3rd party service providers and examine advanced techniques using Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning models that can improve efficiencies in the utilization of energy in industrial sectors, public sectors, and commercial energy consumers. Share consumption analytics in real-time to provide insights.