Data Management

Data Management

Chaotic Reporting?

Challenges in business environments are being inundated with data, not enough data, limited access to data, bad data, disorganized reporting environment, answers too late, data silos, long data development cycles. The result of improper handling of data translates to inefficiencies and business controls that are out of alignment with the strategy which makes the business slow to respond to business change, inconsistencies in interpretations of business performance and poor oversight functions. Manage Chaos with tactical data planning that translates data into actionable business activity measurements.

Tactical Data Management

Develop a tactical action plan aligned with your strategic goals and utilize agile project methods. This service includes broader coverage of the entire data management lifecycle customized to specific business needs. Covers a Zone4 data tactics blueprint, data sourcing, data ingestion, data lake, data warehouse, ETL/ELT, BI data prep (data wrangling) as needed to support rapid data visualization, and data science model building that integrates predictive and prescriptive workflows into the decision process.

Align a lean data governance process in your data management environment today

Promote consistent and measurable management controls and act early on business indicators. Align business processes with a proper level of repeatable automation. Automation in the form of Closed Loop Business Intelligence can offer a defined and consistent set of measurements that can easily be managed and aligned to action plans. Additionally, when combined with visibility into the business based on Key Performance Indicators, then business intelligence transparency offers the ability to set management metrics, goals, alerts, ceilings, floors, and discover correlations that can all be used simultaneously to better track enforcement proactively.

Decision-making and fiscal policies based on the facts. Facts that are based on trustworthy and consistent data sources utilized to produce analytics and trends.