Court Intelligence

Court Intelligence

Have you COLLECTED data in case management systems and other judicial data sources  ?

Want to KNOW more about your caseload or defendants and stay INFORMED ?

Need to INTEGRATE with other organizations or agencies ?

Begin by building a Judicial Data Foundation and organize your data for OPTIMAL data access.

It’s all about the Data…from Incident to Case Filing and from First Court Appearance to Case Disposition there are many critical touch points where data is collected.  There are many Justice Agencies are involved in this process.  Whether you have an integrated justice system or simply a paper-based filing process, the theme remains the same as it has for years now….. In order to accomplish continual improvements in the Courts there is a need for a higher degree of data availability, data quality, and much improved data accessibility.

Court Intelligence™ provides a strategic framework, technical architecture, and a standard approach to Court Performance Management and Analysis.   It transforms raw data collected in Justice Systems into actionable information that supports Analytical Processing and Decision Support.

Optimize Judicial Budgets and Financials. Understand Caseload Trends and Analyze Metrics.

Comply with Administrative Reporting Requirements.

The Zone4 Court Intelligence Accelerators are a composition of integrated procedures and technologies for Court Data Management and Business Intelligence.  They provide a solution-set structured to assist Court Administrators in the collection and management of Court Statistics and integrate them into a Court Business Intelligence platform.  Court statistics can be accomplished with the help of the Court Intelligence™ framework offered by Zone4 and standards defined by the NCSC.  Thus, enabling the deployment of a custom reporting solution developed at your agency. 

There has already been a lot of work completed by Justice Agencies to adopt statistical standards.  Moving forward, it is important to focus not only on today’s business measures right out of the case management system but also on  capturing historical trends that are valuable in long-term strategic planning for the Courts.  Case and Records Management Operational Transaction systems (OLTP) are not architected to optimize reporting and analytics.  That is why Zone4 has focused on building solutions that focus on Court Business Intelligence for Justice and Analytical Reporting platforms that optimize judicial controls.

Accelerate your adoption of CourTools from NCSC

Our solutions can accelerate your implementation of CourTools™and includes a foundation set of specialized data structures:

  • Supports Standard Dimensions; Cases, Case Types,  Courts, Court Divisions, Offenses, Judgments
  • Court Performance Measures/Facts based on CourTools™
  • Detail data available at the Case Level
  • Data Mart with summary data at Court level
  • Cubes available for OLAP reporting

CourTools is a trademark of the National Center of State Courts

Obtain a complete 360⁰ view of Caseloads and Associated Parties with Standardized Business Metrics

Everyone involved in the Judicial and Law Enforcement process has a critical role to play relative to collecting, consuming, and sharing information.  That is why Zone4 has positioned Court Intelligence™ as a complimentary technology to your case and records management systems and a core part of your overall technology portfolio.  Empower justice with integrated applications to support caseload trending, historical reference points, attorney performance and workload tracking, financial insights and collections improvement, and embedded intelligence that can improve internal visibility into your growing caseloads.